Vocal Health Check List

How to stay healthy is at the forefront of every professional singer’s career. Nothing is more uncomfortable than having to perform when you are not feeling well. Unlike when a guitarist replaces a string that breaks, a singer’s voice cannot be replaced. Vocal health and care is all about prevention – keeping your voice from wearing out and breaking down. As a singer, there will be times when you will get snagged by colds or flu’s or struggle from allergies, reflux or a general a lack of rest or dehydration which affect the condition of your instrument greatly. Understanding vocal health can save countless hours of frustration, canceled concerts and overall vocal loss & fatigue.

Staying vocally fit is all about balance and prevention. The health of the body is the health of your voice. Singers are “athletes of the small muscles of the voice and breathing”. Staying vocally fit has more to do with your body than you think.