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Wendy Waller is a highly skilled, multi-stylistic singer/songwriter and voice teacher. The roots of her style reflect the vast landscape of American music: Jazz, country, R&B, Musical Theater, pop, soul, as well as Classical. Not only does she sing and teach all of these styles, but she integrates them into her well crafted bluesy adult contemporary songs. Her passion and creative spirit prevail in her music, performances and teaching.


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Wendy and Her Fine Band perform a summer concert at Jack London Square in Oakland, CA.  The name of the song:  “You Got To Be Runnin’ Song written by Wendy Waller/ Hershel Yatovitz from Wendy’s Beauty Queen CD. Video by R.J. DeCristoforo.


Wendy and Her Fine Band in concert at Theatre On San Pedro Square, San Jose, CA. Performing her original song “Folding” from Wendy’s CD; Traces Of Grace.  Video by R.J. DeCristoforo.