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Private Voice Instructor/Coaching for Children- Teens -Adults
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Artistry, confidence and healthy singing is our main objective.

Wendy brings 25 years of professional experience as a performer, instructor, and coach to her fun, informative, voice lessons.

Wendy’s credentials include training in musical theater, classical; jazz studies, Somatic Voicework™; Functional Singing, Third Stream Studies, and World Music. She studied at U.C. Santa Barbara, New England Conservatory of Music, Hochschule für Musik in München, Germany, and San Jose State University.
Wendy’s teaching approach is rooted in classical, functional singing technique, and is focused on three basic elements: technique, ear training, and creativity. She is extremely adept at teaching singers to relax and understand the mechanics of their vocal instrument.
In addition, Wendy has a keen understanding of multiple musical styles and knows how to help singers achieve the sound that they want. Wendy is also skilled at teaching improvisation for the jazz singer.
Wendy’s professional singing career, vocal instruction and coaching, reflect her vast, eclectic musical background. She manages her own highly creative band, performing both original music as well as soulful blues, jazz and Americana.
Wendy has performed several leading roles in musical theater productions, and is a professional freelance vocalist singing Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B, Blues, Country Western, Big Band.
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Here’s what you what you will learn!

Voice instruction includes:
• Learn to mix and belt in a healthy comfortable way
• Proper jaw and tongue release
• Breath support
• Posture
• Vowel production
• Diction and relaxation
• An understanding of the keyboard
• Tools to develop your own style
• Performance skills
• Audition skills
• Professional etiquette
• Microphone technique

Vocal coaching:
• Song interpretation
• Song selection
• Diction
• Preparation for professional auditions, musical theater and bands
• Microphone technique
• Studio singing technique
• Available for studio and stage coaching for individual artists.
• Lessons and vocal coaching done with pre-recorded accompaniment or with the performer/student accompanying themselves.


Two Studios:

Wendy Waller Voice Studio
526 7th Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025

West Valley Music Store
262 Castro St. Mountain View, CA 94041

Certified in Somatic VoiceworkTM Levels I, II, III


Very competitive prices (for private lessons):
• Introductory lesson – consultation – 30 minutes, $30.00
• 30 minutes, $70.00
• 45 minutes, $95.00
• 1 hour, $115.00

Lessons in your home: Minimum 1 Hour, $120

Download WendyWaller_Voice_Lessons_Brochure and if you have any questions, please email them at wendy@wendywaller.com

Private or Group Lessons at her studio also available.


Wendy Waller is not only an excellent singer herself but also has the talent, knowledge and skill set to teach others to sing. She is able to bring out the student’s very best voice. She does this with care, patience, enthusiasm, humor, compassion and joy. She instills the love of music and singing in all her students. She has done a remarkable job with my daughter. We are very privileged to have her as a teacher and coach.

-Eileen Morganthaler

Wendy is particularly skilled at identifying and addressing each student’s strengths and weaknesses. I have worked with several singing teachers and Wendy is by far the best.

-Christine Chatwell

I’ve taken Wendy’s class several times because it is always fun. I learn new songs each time. I took lessons from Wendy as a beginner. Since then I have sung solo in public several times and now sing in a choir. Wendy knows jazz, blues, country and popular singing. She is great at enthusiastically conveying her art to her students.

– George Hopkins

Reserve your lesson today, call at: 650-216-9138 or email Wendy at wendy@wendywaller.com
Ask about our discounted trial lesson!