Traces of Grace, 2009

Traces of Grace by Wendy Waller, Released in 2009


“Wendy Waller’s newest CD, “Traces of Grace,” is a work of art. She sings with warmth, passion, and high energy. Her songs radiate optimism and confidence in overcoming painful situations. Each song Wendy sings reflects her exquisite talent.”
-Christine Chatwell

“Pure Heart and Soul. Wendy Waller never ceases to amaze me. Her voice is pure passion and cuts right to the core of every song she sings. She is soulful and sings with 100% of her heart. “Traces of Grace” is a beautiful project, with a stellar line-up of musicians. Another incredibly talented singer from the SF Bay Area. Highly recommended!” 
-Kat Parra

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Vocals, Wendy Waller. 
Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin and Banjo, Rick Vandivier.
Electric and Acoustic Bass, Rich Girard.
Drums, Deszon X. Claibourne.
Backround Vocals, Catherine Seidel.
Tambourine, Shakers, Maracas, Congas and Guiro, Michaelle Goerlitz.
Violin, Stephanie Antoine.
Cello, Laura Boytz.
Organ, Tony Stead.
Accordion, Rich Kuhns.
Produced by: Wayne Wallace