Day To Day Stuff…

What does it take to produce a concert?

I started with a set list. Well, actually, I picked the band, and then created the set list. The set list has already changed 3 times! I’m sure the set list will continue to evolve.

Writing a Blurb for Venue and Invites

Then I had to write a blurb for the venue. Here’s what I wrote:
Down-home R&B
Wendy Waller and Torch, featuring John Worley, bring an evening of down-home R&B to Pacifica Performances. Wendy’s creative approach to melody and lyric embodies the rich landscape of American music; she will rock you in the cradle of rhythm and blues! Wendy’s multi-range voice and soulful stylings can only be matched by the talents of her band, Torch; composed of Bay Area musicians John Worley, trumpet, Johnnie Bamont, sax, Wally Schnalle, drums, Rich Girard, bass, Scott Sorkin, guitar, and Brian Ho, organ/piano. Every performance is a provocative experience. Let Torch grab you with fiery tunes and smokin’ rhythms that torch the stage with excitement!
Come join Wendy Waller and her band, but bring your dancing shoes, there’s gonna be some infectious beats you won’t be able to sit through!

And of Course, Publicity!

I met with one of my marketing experts, Stephanie Crowley, on June 24, 2016. Here’s what we covered: marketing, social media (Facebook, Twitter), print/online/broadcast media (radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, calendar listings, web sites), advertising, and other possible tools.

serious work

Stephanie and I met again July first. (We plan to meet weekly to keep on task.). By the following week Stephanie had gotten me an interview that will be in a local news paper. I’ll let you know which one before it goes to print.

Don’t Forget About the Rehearsals

Next up: scheduling two rehearsals (which is no easy task, when my band members are all popular, working artists). I had to line everything up on a spreadsheet which made things much easier. I believe we may all have two dates in common. I know there are a number of wonderful scheduling apps out there;  I just haven’t used any yet and didn’t want to take the time to learn how to use them right now. I will in the future!

At the end of the first week, I had to send another set list to John so he and Johnnie Bamont could figure out their horn parts. I’m currently planning a meeting with John to go over the set list and see how we are going to arrange the songs.

By July 11: rehearsals are finally scheduled (phew!). On July 15, met with Stephanie to touch base on publicity. Did I mention I am practicing all the while …?

This week, I’ve scheduled a meeting with Wally for Wednesday and one with John for Thursday, both meetings are for going over the music to see if we can work with the rhythm a bit. We’ll see what happens!