Brochure & Song List

A Song List for Every Situations

A. Cocktail hour, office party, wine tasting, gallery opening
Situation: “Shhhh, we’re talking. Can you keep it down?”
Solution: “Absolutely!” Background music (Jazz, Folk, Indie, Pop)
We love to play soft!

Situation: ”We want cocktail hour to be lively and fun, but no one is dancing yet”
Solution: “No problem!” (Funk, Pop, R&B, Rock)
We love to have fun!

B. The Dinner Set
Situation: “We want to be entertained”
Solution: Concert format

Situation: “We want to talk and eat, but we want you to keep playing”
Solution: “You enjoy yourselves!” Background jazz
“We’ll turn it up or down!”


Click to download More_Dance_Dinner_Sets

Click to download (PDF – ready to print) WendyWaller_Song_Lists

Click to download (PDF – ready to print) WendyWaller_Wedding_Brochure

Click to download Set Lists:
– country-blues
– jazz-list
– pop-rock
– motown-list

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